Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Central Park Summer Colors






Good afternoon, or morning depending on what time zone you're in. Hahaha. I traveled to Central Park last week with my good friends Laura and Sydni. I spent most of the day in Central Park but also traveled around in soho, fifth ave, as well as walking across the bridge. It was pretty steamy that day, so this outfit was the perfect outfit for this type of day. Since it is summer, I chose bright colors that would blend in well together as well as not absorbing the horrible heat from the sun. The denim button down with the white v-neck still kept me cool. The boat shoes gave me the ability or anyone for that matter to make this outfit dressy or to keep it causal. If I did want to dress this outfit up, I would've buttoned the denim shirt and tucked it in the shorts, or I would've chosen a white button down and tucked it in the shorts as well. And like I believe, and always will, some sort of accessory is always needed. I completed this outfit with a pair of aviator glasses, a bronze note in a bottle necklace and a brown leather bracelet. I hope you guys liked this update and I will be updating soon! Thank you!! 

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