Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Central Park Summer Colors


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mint, Black & Urban Decay


        Hey y'all, I spent my day at this sort of hidden pier in Sunset Park. It was such a perfect day at the pier. And this outfit was perfect for this day. Because of this polar vortex hovering over us, it caused this location to be pretty nippy, especially with the breeze that is always welcomed near the ocean. This Mint Green Button Up top kept me warm enough even though it is summer currently. I chose to add black shorts and black toms to this outfit because I feel as though, the bright tones of the Mint Green Button Up gave tones to the black shorts and shoes. The dark and bright colors mixed perfectly together to even everything out. I then added a silver watch, to add that accessory that is always needed. It gave off the perfect amount of light when ever the sun hit it. This outfit is a fun outfit that will keep you warm if you are dealing with cool weather and gives off that nice official look that I, myself, was looking for. Now onto where you can find these fun items:

-Mint Green Button Up: Gap (The Modern Oxford)~http://www.gap.com/
-Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters~http://www.ae.com
-Shoes: Toms (Black Canvas)~http://www.toms.com/
-Watch:Brèda~ http://www.bredawatch.com/

Thank you everyone for following my blog, I will be posting more often, Hopefully, I will post saturday though! See you soon! 

                                                   ~Nasim Matthew

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Americana at the Pier

                                                         Outfit details down below







I chose this outfit for this type of night because it is Fourth of July week so I wanted to show off my American Pride at the Pier. The American colors go perfectly with the light wash jeans and the black colored tee. The ankle bracelet added that pop of color needed to make this outfit complete. This outfit is the perfect outfit because if it does get chilly (which it did) you can easily put on that flannel and still have a fashionable outfit.  Now onto where you can find these items..

-Black T-shirt: Gap
-Flannel: Gap
-Jeans: American Eagle
-Shoes: Converse
-Ankle Bracelet: Town fair 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

First post is a throwback ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️

Hey everyone. This is my blog. A place where you could find everything from fashion ideas, OOTD's, new trends and just a view of my daily to weekly outfits. I live in New York where city lights are on 24/7 and the fashion gets crazier, more unique and out of this world every single day. I hope everyone enjoys this blog and finds some sort of inspiration. Whether it be a new outfit idea (to be honest, that's how I used to get my outfit ideas) or to start up a blog of your own. Enjoy!

This was taken in early February for my own little mini photoshoot (shot by Gabriella Levinson). I absolutely love the winter and this outfit was perfect for that cold day. I wore a bright colored sweater underneath and dark peacoat to add a pop of color. The light colored denim jeans added the perfect amount of color to balance the colors of this outfit. Now onto where you can find this outfit:
-Beanie: Alternative
-Peacoat: Gap
-Sweater: American Eagle
-Jeans: American Eagle
-Combat boots: Call it spring

I hope you guys like this outfit. Have a wonderful day on this second day of summer! 🌞☀️☀️☀️☀️